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Pizza Cone - Bacon and Mushroom

Loaded pizza cone that fits conveniently in your hand.

Pizza Cone Recipe


1 Planet Lowcarb Pita Pocket


60g cheddar cheese grated

2 tsp tomato paste

4 rashers bacon chopped and fried

4-5 mushrooms sliced and fried in butter

1 small spring onion thinly sliced


Mix together all ingredients except butter and pita pocket. Tear apart 2 sides of pita bread. Lightly butter both. Heat a non-stick frying pan on medium heat. Fry until lightly browned. Flip pitas over and spoon mixture onto both. Place lid on and cook a couple of minutes until cheese has melted. Remove from pan onto cutting board. Roll into cone shape (thin bottom, thick top) and place into bamboo or cardboard or foil cone holder.

Filling options: avocado/ham, chicken chilli, savoury mince/jalapeno, peppadew/chicken, steak/onion

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